The most useful beach bag ever made.

The most useful beach bag ever made.

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Hands-free. Hassle-free.

Hands-free. Hassle-free.

SeaSack is a beach bag/backpack that makes lugging and storing awkward, sandy beach gear quick, clean and painless. Comfortably carry your beach chairs, towels, and your other beach gear, completely hands-free.

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Eliminate the sandy mess!

Eliminate the sandy mess!

Not only does SeaSack eliminate the hassle of loading, unloading and storing beach gear-- The sandy trunk is no more!

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Can I wash the SeaSack?

Yes! We recommend to wash the bag in cold water, without soap. Dry on delicate. Please note that the washing machine may roll the padding to one side. If this happens, find the crease and slowly roll the padding back in place.

When will the bags arrive?

We are currently looking at June!

Why will it take so long to receive it?

To manufacture the bags and then freight shipping takes 30 days to ship to the United States!

Where else will SeaSack be available?

Amazon Prime!

In the United States the summer just ended, why do I care about anything to do with the beach?

In order to get the cost low enough on this very expensively made bag, we need to make a HUGE order from the manufacturer. This order will take several months to make and an entire month to ship by sea, so we want to get the ball rolling now to be ready for next summer! Also, we will delivering to our friends and family in Australia and similar countries entering their summer season first!

Why does this zipper stick out and what do I do with it?

Tuck it in. Pinch the two silver snaps above it and it goes away! Without the “tail,” you wouldn’t be able to fit a chair through it. Without the zipper holding the bag together it would have no structure. Making inserting chairs problematic.